ATH – Aluminium Trihydrate

Aluminium Trihydrate Supplier and Manufacturer

Aluminium Trihydrate has flame retarding and smoke suppressing properties as well as being an economical resin extender.ATH is used in polyester resins. However, with increased attention being given to smoke & toxic fume emissions, ATH has found large volume application in vinyl as a low smoke, nontoxic replacement for antimony and in polyurethane, latex, neoprene foam system, Rubber, wire & Cable insulation, vinyl walls & flooring coverings and epoxies. Aluminium Trihydrate widely use in Paper Industries as a whitening agent in place of titanium dioxide. ATH is also use in Paints Industries. ATH can replace up to 25% of the Titanium dioxide pigment & therefore is an economical extender reducing production cost.

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