Gelcoats Resin

Gelcoats Resin Suppliers in India

A gelcoat is a material, based on a modified thermosetting resin, used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fibre-reinforced composite that is used on mould during any of the common composite processes: hand lay-up, infusion, RTM light, RTM classic, spray-up, etc.

Our specially formulated gelcoats have exceptional features like rapid curing, great chemical and mechanical properties, high gloss retention ensuring good durability of the product. Our gelcoat offers great compatibility with pigment and pigment pastes. These specially designed gelcoats also exhibit other important properties like minimum sagging and excellent resistance to hydrolysis and weathering.

From general purpose gelcoats to high performance and chemical resistant gelcoats, we stand as a premium Gelcoat Resin Supplier in India.

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