Low Styrene Emission

Low Styrene Emission Manufacturer in India

Unsaturated Polyester Resin has been available for many years with styrene monomer. However, the concerns over its safety both for transport (it is flammable) and for health (it is classified as harmful) have led to the introduction of “styrene-free” variants or better known as “Low Styrene Emission Resins”, the difference being the liquid monomer used in the manufacture of the resin. Also, Styrene evaporation in hand lay-up and spray-up production may cause VOC emission problems in the work environment. Orson is one of the leading low styrene emission resin manufacturers in India and uses alternative monomers like acrylic or vinyl monomers; enabling lower health and transport classifications but increasing the cost of the resin. This type of resin gives a reasonable strength performance for the majority of applications and is best suited to fixings into hollow blocks or masonry. The monomers used for low styrene emission resins give an improved performance over the styrenated resins.

Styrene-free resins are a relatively new development (since the late 1990’s) and they use acrylic or vinyl monomers. 3N promotes a green and sustainable environment initiative by being in the forefront of low styrene emission resin exporter in India. The low styrene content and low styrene emission resins in this product group offer a safer working environment for workers by lowering the amount of styrene evaporation.

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