Mercapto Silane Series

3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane Manufacturer in India

It is a long-chain alkyl silane. It is easily dissolved in organic solvents such as hydrocarbon, ether, and ketone. This product is mainly recommended for use with inorganic materials, such as glass and silica. It can improve blending with organic matter and also impart water-proof benefits, enhancing the mechanical property of the products. The equivalent grade of the product of different brands is LT-580, Silsquest A-1891.

3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (MTMO)

It is a bifunctional organ silane possessing a reactive organic mercapto and a hydrolysable inorganic methoxy silyl group. The dual nature of its reactivity allows 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane to bind chemically to both inorganic materials (e.g. glass, metals, fillers) and organic polymers (e.g. thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers), thus functioning as an adhesion promoter, crosslinking agent, surface modifier or reactive reagent. It is a clear, colourless to light yellow liquid with a slightly mercaptan odour. It is soluble in alcohols, ketones and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. The equivalent grade of the product of different brands is LT-590, MTMO, Silsquest A-189, Dowsil Z-6062, KBM-803, Geniosil-GF70.

Bis-(3-Triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide (Si 69)

Bis[3-Triethoxysilylpropyl)Tetrasulfide is a bifunctional polysulfide silane with four sulfur atoms in the centre of structure that finds use as adhesion promoter for precious metals, and coupling agent & vulcanizing agent for rubbers. It is a yellowish and transparent liquid used to improve the physical properties of sulfur cured compounds and to establish the chemical link between rubber and silica or other active white fillers. The equivalent grade of the product of different brands is LT-1289, SI 69, Silsquest A-1289, Dowsil Z-6940, KBE-846.

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