Orthophthalate Resin

Orthophthalate Resin Supplier in India

Orthophthalic polyester resin is the standard economic resin used by many industries. These resins are based upon Orthophthalic acid and are a good basic, general purpose, moderately expensive resin. Generally, they have styrene content between 35% and 45%, and are used in applications that do not require elevated service temperatures, high corrosion resistance, or high mechanical properties.We are one of the largest Orthophthalic Polyester Resins Manufacturer in India.

Our special grades of orthophthalate resin offer application specific properties for marble applications, buttons, moulding applications, polymer concrete and many more and are designed to have homogenous consistency fast wet out of reinforcement, rapid cure and excellent surface finish. These resins are also compatible with infusion moulding, pultrusion, SMC along with hand and spray layup processes. It is used in defence, automotive, building and construction applications etc.

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